I try very hard to be accessible to everyone and pride myself on my flexible and professional approach.

If you can’t see a service here to fulfil your requirements, please contact me.

Claire kneeling with Dalmatian

Free Discovery Call.

This is a free 15 minute phone/video call where we can discuss your needs. Often I can

offer some quick tips or suggest a couple of changes during this call which may help prior

to booking any other service.

Virtual Consultation.

These work amazingly well as all of the family can participate regardless of any local

restrictions. It makes my services accessible to people up and down the country and

even overseas. I can look at problem behaviours, coach and demonstrate training for

your pet. This includes supporting notes and any relevant handouts.

Dog waiting by plate waiting for treat
Puppy in harness

In Person Consultations – Ashford TW15 3JJ.

I am able to see clients at my home consulting office to coach and train yourself and your

pet. This works especially well for puppy basics, leadwork and recall.

In person consultation at your home.

These are available within the school day and I offer some weekends/evening slots. The

home visits allow me to see the pet in their home environment where they are most

relaxed and happy. Consultations are charged by the hour or part thereof. This may be

suggested as a preference for many pets given the nature of the pet and the training


Puppy looking at treats on a plate
Black and white dog laying down

Online training Facebook group.

The Facebook group has lots of basic fun training video tutorials. It is perfect for new

puppy owners and families as the children can replay and watch the clips as often as

they wish. The fee includes a clicker posted to you and some training notes to support

the basics.

Day Training – Ashford TW15 3JJ.

Should you wish your dog to learn some specific tasks and not have time, why not drop

him off for the day? Your dog will receive a fun day of training, rest, walks, enrichment

and dog socialisation. Again, this works really well for puppies as they can’t concentrate

for long. It’s surprising what can be achieved in a day and you will be given notes and

video of the training to keep. Drop off is 9am and collection 5pm. These are

most successful if several days are booked in a week.

Black dog close up head shot

Behavioural Consultation Online.

This again works very well and may be compulsory with any current restrictions. The pet

MUST have a Veterinary health check first to rule out any underlying health problems or

pain. The consultation takes around 90 minutes and both yourself and your vet will

receive a summary of the consultation and training plan for your records. You may be

asked to gather video footage of the pet to discuss and to keep a diary of events before

the consultation. You are encouraged to keep in contact post consultation for 6 weeks.

Quick ‘check ins’ are included in the fee.

Behavioural Consultation Home Visit.

This is similar to the online consultation except is carried out in your home. The price

reflects the additional travel time. These are subject to local restrictions

and may not always be an option.

Black and Tan dog running
Puppy with hat

Puppy Classes.

Classes are normally run in different locations, indoor and outside – subject to local

restrictions. They are a four week course of one hour weekly and currently up to 8

puppies in a group. The fee includes a clicker, training notes, optional access to the

Facebook training tutorials. Fees depend on location due to venue hire costs.

Puppy Confidence Session.

This is an ideal first experience for puppies, it can be carried out at my home office or as

part of your home visit. These sessions are really good for young puppies. Prices are the

same as in person consultations at my office or your home.

Puppy laying on a blanket outdoors
Boston terrier

Enrichment session.

These are similar to the puppy confidence sessions and are great for ALL pets,

especially shy and fearful dogs, rescue dogs, older dogs, pets in rehab or on a reduced

exercise schedule. Prices are the same as in person consultations at my office or your home.

Veterinary Confidence Sessions.

These can be a puppy group session or as an individual dog training for a pet who is

worried at the vets. We make the visit out of hours when quiet and allow the pet to gain

confidence at the vets and practice handling if indicated. These are subject to current


Dogs with rag toys
Dogs in a row in class

One Month Package (Gold).

This is perfect for the new puppy and rescue owners and includes two weekly, hour long

online calls for the first four weeks post adoption. This allows us to chat through any

settling in struggles and advance through the dog’s training. The fee also includes

access to the online Facebook tutorials. A clicker and training sheets will be provided to

you upon sign up. Sessions must be arranged as soon as possible to ensure even

spacing but can be moved if you need help sooner.

One month package (Silver).

This is suitable for new dog guardians – whether rescue or puppy. There is an initial

online consultation for one hour followed by twice weekly, (7 more) 30 minute online

calls. These support you and your dog’s transition and enable us to advance the training

as your dog settles and progresses through training. Depending on the pet, you may

wish subsequent months or the bronze package as it can take 3 months for rescue and

fearful dogs to really settle within new homes. This option includes a clicker and training

sheets provided upon sign up and access to the Facebook tutorials.

Man walking puppy outdoors
Claire with clicker

One month package (Bronze).

This is suitable for puppy and rescue dog adopters who need a little less support. The

fee includes a one hour online consultation and three further once weekly half hour long

sessions. Also included is access to the Facebook training tutorials, a clicker and notes


Packages may be upgraded at any time. The sessions are best prebooked to ensure you

get the space you wish and may be brought forward when possible, if you need extra

help sooner. The first few weeks and months of dog adoption can be tricky and a time

when you need more support but the level should reduce as the dogs settle in and learn

with you.

Red dog laying down
Fluffy dog on a mat

An ultimate/platinum package can be used incorporating all 3 packages. Should you wish to extend your package, its best to do so as soon as possible in order to secure your regular sessions.