Companion Animal Behaviour Counsellor & Trainer

Claire holding puppy

I am a qualified Vet Nurse, Pet Behaviourist and trainer. I am passionate about helping clients to live harmoniously with their pets.

I am able to deal with a variety of behavioural problems from aggression or fearfulness, separation related disorders, anxieties, elimination problems and more.

Puppy running away

I visit owners in their own home in order to asses pets at their most relaxed, accompanying you on a walk if necessary and make suggestion and training examples to help combat undesirable behaviour.

Westie on lead looking up

I use only kind methods of training – primarily clicker training, without the need for force or punishment. I consider myself to be very approachable and encourage potential clients to call me if they wish to discuss their needs, indeed, I may often be able to make some suggestions on the phone which may help.